Millennial Profile: Tashara J. Childs


Name: Tashara J. Childs, 26

Residence: Raleigh, NC

Employment: North Carolina Dept State Treasurer – Local Government Commission

Education: Jacksonville State University – B.A. English (Minor: Communication)

Honors/Awards: Phi Eta Sigma

Contact Information:
Email –
Website –
Facebook –
Twitter –

Favorite nonprofits:

LGBT Center of Raleigh, Big Brothers Big Sisters , With Love from Jesus, Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure

Why was she profiled?

Having become friends with Tashara over the past three years, I am extremely proud to feature her in the first Millennial Profile on Jerome’ Blogs. These profiles serve to highlight Millennials for a variety of reasons, including spotlighting those who have overcome all obstacles to accomplish their dreams and aspirations. Accomplishing her dream, Tashara is now a published author.

After its release on Sepetember 25, Knocking on the Devil’s Door sold 100 copies within the first week and has received positive reviews from readers of all generations; however, Tashara is confident that readers of the Millennial generation will find similar themes in their own lives. “Rayna and Warren have experienced the post graduation struggle to find their place like many Millennials today,” says Tashara. “Also like many Millennials, they both followed their ambitions and worked diligently to achieve their personal and career goals.” Through her own story, one can see how these are the true attributes of the Millennial generation.

Upon her graduation from Jacksonville State University, Tashara set sails on life and began the typical Millennial journey that begins after college graduation. She first worked at the University of Alabama – Birmingham Medical Genomics Laboratory before moving to North Carolina and later working with the Local Government Commission. A lover of words and the English language, Tashara began writing her first book, Knocking on the Devil’s Door.

“This novel is a compilation of the relationships that I have experienced and observed in my lifetime. I hope that my book will spark honest dialogue between couples, singles, and anyone who has ever muttered the words ‘I love you.’”

Knocking on the Devil’s Door explores the tumultuous marriage of Warren and Rayna Jamison. It is now available on Amazon (Kindle and hard copy), Createspace (hard copy), and Barnes and Noble (Nook).

Please be sure to share your questions for Tashara in the space below and check her book out on Amazon.

To order the book, visit Amazon at the link below. You can also preview the first chapter for FREE!


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