Millennial News: May 25 – May 31

Thanks for checking back on the latest Millennial news. Let’s see what happened last week.

Trying to Manage Millennials? Give Up And Lead Them Instead

Each week, I always notice that there is a new resource or document providing businesses with tools and information to manage or work with Millennials. This week was no different. In this piece, George Bradt provides tips on inspiring and leading Millennials in the workplace based on BRAVE leadership; however, I also find that this information translates to the nonprofit sector and inspiring Millennials to volunteer for your nonprofit.

For example, when Bradt discusses the BRAVE leadership model, he reminds us to think about  the V, for Values. For Millennials, Bradt says value means ensuring that you give them work that has a purpose, saying that “For Millennials, work must have meaning. They won’t commit to you or to the organization. They will commit to a meaningful, good for others cause.” When you meet with Millennial volunteers or employees in your office, do you ask them about their passion? Do you ask them about their long-term goals? By really having an understanding of the Millennials volunteering or working for your organization, you are able to give them meaningful work, increase their professional skills, and, hopefully, develop a long-term beneficial relationship.

Which of his tips do you think would most benefit your organization? Let me know. Enjoy the other news topics and be sure to share!

How Millennial Are You?    FYI – Yours truly scored a 90%.

“Take our 14 item quiz and we’ll tell you how “Millennial” you are, on a scale from 0 to 100, by comparing your answers with those of respondents to a scientific nationwide survey. You can also find out how you stack up against others your age.”

DC acknowledges millennial boom with week

“It’s hard to turn a city corner, flip on the news or open a web browser without hearing about the m-word: millennials. And Alexandria, Virginia, resident Natalie Moss wants to talk about the subject even more. Moss is the founder of Millennial Week, an inaugural event June 2-8 in Washington that plans to explore and celebrate millennials’ impact on society and culture.” The reason to launch Millennial Week was obvious for Moss, 34. “You’re looking at the generation that’s now moving into more of a position of leadership in this nation,” she says. “And it’s the largest generation alive.”

Problems our generation faces

“We grew up with school shootings, like Columbine.  9/11 and the war on terror happened when most of us were 9 or 10 years old. The subsequent war in Iraq and Afghanistan has existed all throughout our formative years. We’ve seen the indifference of our government through events like Hurricane Katrina and the treatment of the residents of New Orleans. The release of secret government documents on Wikileaks have raised our suspicion and distrust of the government. Most of us are buried in student loan debt and underemployed. Older generations will disparage us by saying we lack values and hard work, but that is not the case, if anything it fuels a generational rift between millennials and their parents. I often wonder what kind of world we’re inheriting.”



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