About Jerome’

Jerome’ is a student of the world. He enjoys live music, great food, traveling, and rooting for Alabama State University. Jerome’ holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Alabama State University and a Masters of Public Administration (MPA) from the University of Illinois at Springfield (UIS).


As a result of his Certificate in Nonprofit Management from the MPA program at UIS, Jerome’ became fascinated with fundraising and its ability to expand the goals and outreach of community organizations. Looking to complete his capstone research, Jerome’ searched for a topic related to fundraising. In his search, he realized that there was little information readily available on cultivating donors from the Millennial generation. Digging deeper, Jerome’ became fascinated with the Millennial generation and their potential impact on the nonprofit sector.  His research “Nonprofit Fundraising: Cultivating the Millennial Generation” is available for presentation. This research explores the characteristics of the Millennial generation and offers three methods of cultivation that can be used for this group: young professional networks, Facebook, and volunteer opportunities.

His experience in building bridges and developing relationships has been beneficial for elected officials, nonprofit organizations, consultants, and public universities.

Contact Jerome’ today and find out how his services can assist you.


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